Wednesday, September 30, 2009

West Division Champs!!!!

Since I moved to Los Angeles I have become a fan of the coolest team; the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Sorry for those of you that has another team preference. I love baseball don't take me wrong, whenever I can go to a game, there I am. That is like my hiding place. I just sit there and enjoy the beauty of the game. Is fun, relaxing and I don't feel that I'm by myself. 

Last Monday night my team won the west division championship and the pitcher that opened the game closed it. A no hitte game for pitcher Ervin Santana; this is the best I've seen him perform.

The Angels won 11-0. There is no better way to win a division series than with an awesome game like this! Hope that they make it to the next rounds and that for a change they beat the Red Sox's. I actually like the Sox's but I need to stick to my team.

Vladimir Guerrero, Erick Aybar and Kendry Morales had an amazing game with hits, scored runs and runs that helped build this amazing game.
My team played like they should play every day; with the hunger to win! After the game was over they went to celebrate the division championship at the clubhouse. They were pouring champagne and beer all over the place. I was good until Erick Aybar and Rafael Rodriguez got me soak on bear, I celebrated with the team, it was just amazing, this was also my master's celebration.

I can't describe with words the excitement and joy we all had. Even though they have won many divisions championship is the same joy every time. If you don't have a favorite team or sport look for an amazing experience.
Go Angels!

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