Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moises Velez...Latinos representing. GEBS

On November 08, 2008 I got the opportunity to participate in the annual Backstage ‘Actorfest’; Backstage is a newspaper targeted for actors. ‘Actorfest’ is held every year with the purpose of helping upcoming actors reach their dream. This year because of all the Latino current participation in this season TV shows and Films they did a casting call and a panel with casting directors, managers, agents, the VP for Diversity at Fox Broadcast and the Head of development and programming at Mun2. This panel gave us the information of how agents, managers, casting directors, networks and studios tap Latino talent. In that panel the actors present had the opportunity to get a little scoop on the entertainment business actors side.
     It was in the ‘Actorfest’ that I met Moises Velez. Mr. Velez, from Mexican decent, currently is in charge of the Development and Current programming for mun2. Mun2 is part of NBC Universal.  As a panelist he gave some insight in how Mun2 is expanding and the Latino community in The United States. Moises Velez went to Los Angeles county high school for the arts from 1987 to 1989 and then attended the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. Velez started in a double mayor, theatre and English literature, because he went to high school specialized in arts he drop out of the theatre program. He did his own mayor doing programs of film, writing and directing courses under the mentorship Peter Sellers, Director. In college Moises Velez did an internship for Michael Philips, this experience opened doors to Mr. Velez. Working in production and development for Public television. There he recognized the Latino world as viable. He went to work a movie at Texas and there he joined MTV. They brought him back to LA. Mr. Velez worked the business management side of MTV. Three years in the senior analyst side. Didn’t like what he was doing but he wanted to do independent production. It is in this turning point in his life that he produced a short film with Anne Kaneko, Woman’s American Program in American Film Institution. It was a short for AFI. Working in LATV Moises Velez met Flavio the Producer for Mun2, Flavio liked how Moises worked and after five years Flavio was able to contact Mr. Velez though Kaneko. Flavio gave Moises the opportunity to work as a producer for Mun2 for ten weeks. They liked the ideas that he gave so much that they started adding weeks until he became part of the payroll.
Mun2 plan of expansion and internationalization counts with new programs, different programming for each country maintaining the same style and connecting all the countries with With the expansion the idea is to target all this countries with the programming that they already have, music videos targeted to each country in addition to the new shows we will be seeing in 2010. 

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