Thursday, October 1, 2009

When it comes to love…when should we trust? Who should we trust?

I have so many questions that I don’t even know where to start. Should we wait for the call, how long should girls wait before being intimate? Is there a right time?  I feel that a good guy is coming my way…but whom? Have any of you felt that ever? Is looks everything?  I just can’t seem to understand what I should be looking in a guy and why are most of my friends single. I don’t think it should be so hard to maintain a relationship. There are so many lonely people out there and still no one dares to put their heart and gamble. Life is about give and take and if it doesn’t go like you expected then just try again. Don’t give up; we can’t give up on love. That is what maintains the civilization running. We all love…but if we all love why are so many single and lonely people?

What are we missing?

My family is what mantains me alive....


  1. There is no time to make that call or be intimate. I believe that the only time is when your heart tells you to. I know people that have been intimate the first night and now share a life with that person and two beautiful, healthy kids.'s not about that. I believe that you just have to follow your heart. Know what you accept and don't in a relationship. By knowing this you will know who to keep in your life as a prospect and whom to let go.
    I am happy that I have been single for so long. Being single has given me the opportunity to date, to discover what I want and I what I don't want in a man.
    I believe that God has answered my prayers as someone I recently met is making me so happy and giving me what I deserve. He is caring and loving and the best part...he is simply making me very happy.

  2. I love it Darlene...good for you! Hope that this person is as special as you are. Don't be afraid of giving your heart ;)


  3. For younger females the bulging biceps and six pack abs are definitely important. It seems more about the status of who has the most hot guy, consequently many times the hot guy turns out to be a jerk.

    As the young lady matures, her priorities shift to who would make a good life partner and family man. She is then willing to overlook some not so appealing physical attributes because she sees what lies within the man. If he is kind, gentle, sensitive, unselfish, spiritual, ambitious, patient, emotionally stable, and most of all loving, he becomes all the more attractive.

    Love happens when we least expect it so it is best not to seek it out. God blesses us in his time not ours Be patient, God will truly bless you beyond measure.