Saturday, September 26, 2009

My live at Full Sail...BPD

Since I graduated college I understood that I was not done with education, I felt incomplete and I needed to get my masters degree. It took me two years after graduating from my bachelors to choose a university; my first choice was to get a degree on International Business at the Florida International University. I was almost ready to pay tuition when I decided that I wanted to pursue acting and that if I wanted to do this the correct place was Hollywood. I just packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles, CA. At this point my plans have changed drastically I knew I wanted to do my masters but I felt that I needed to try this first.
In August 31st is going to be three years since I moved to LA. Every year I have been able to accomplish different acting goals that have made me very proud. Last year I was able to shoot a movie that came straight to DVD and made me understand that I could do my masters while I was on set. At this point I already had solicited information of the programs at UCLA and USC; none of them attracted me at all. I started searching online for a university that would do a masters degree on international business. On this search I went across Full Sail and requested more information; I was intrigued about the entertainment masters. It was just perfect that I could do my masters in something that I am really passionate about. It was then and there that I filled up the paper work and saw how I could get some sort of financial aid, loans, anything that would help me pay for the tuition; I had found my niche.
My first class was executive leadership; I loved the class and the readings. I really needed a class on how to use a Mac before starting the program; dealing with the change from pc to a Mac was a challenge by its own. Walt Disney is a great example to start on this new journey he inspired me to keep doing what I came to LA to do; pursue acting. I learned that anything in life is possible, we just need to believe on it. The team class was a challenge even though we had a good hard working team. I loved the story telling class, my bachelor is in public relations and this class and the books are perfect for public relations.  Finance was a challenging class but made me understood better where I wanted to go with my company. The class of international business was fascinating, it made me sit down and analyze how other Spanish speaking countries would be challenging to work with. That makes this business more fun. In the class of negotiating and dealmaking I learned that I am an innate negotiator, that the teacher didn't like my memo's that is another thing, that is why I would hire a secretary. I understand that my first language is Spanish and that I am not the best writing in English; but my inability to write memo's shouldn't have such a big weight in a grade. The only rewarding learning from this class was the opportunity to interview one of the few Hispanic sports agents currently working and with an impressive roster. Even though the teacher gave me D’s in all of my memos I know I could be a really good negotiator, after this class I learned two things that she discouraged me from negotiating and the program.
Product and artist management was an entertaining and fun class. I have to say that I loved my final project. I had to go from the Mac to the pc with the power point but it was worth it. I sent the presentation to the artist and they loved it. In the law class I learned why instead of a corporation I wanted an LLC. Since this point on I changed every document to LLC. Publishing media and Internet marketing made me learn what I wanted from the LLC and which search engines I need to prioritize.  I also learned the importance of the social networks for companies and how they could help Enid Collazo LLC grow. Mobile marketing helped me create a cell phone application that would fit the need of my clients while it could make my client list grow.
From each class I absorbed as much information as I could. Two classes that helped me enhance my creation of my business plan were mobile marketing and international business. These two classes made me realize that I could go beyond and break boundaries with an event coordination company. They made me realize that the sky is the limit. On the international business class I focused on the problems it would be to do business with other Latin cultures and how we could make it work. Dominican Republic is a great country to start expanding our company since is so similar to Puerto Rico and they have an established economy. This way we will go step by step and learn from the mistakes in a country near to us. The mobile marketing class helped me create one of the most important assets for my business plan and that is ‘Create your own event’ software and application. I knew I wanted to have a web page for the company, I just never thought out side the box and made me realize what would really attract people to my web site and the potential it has to grow all over the world rather than just Latin America.
The biggest challenge I found was that there is no information in event coordination companies. Everything that I searched for was on related topics other than my exact subject. I just joggled with information related to other businesses similar to mine and from there narrow the information down to what I needed. Another challenge was searching for doable dates for things like the LLC when I am really not getting this done. I just searched the laws in Puerto Rico and how long would it take for an LLC to be legalized. Another big issue was getting the numbers for financials, for the pro forma I actually went to the accountant to figure something out making sense and not over doing it. This is of course in addition to my writing issues.
This master’s degree has been a whole new experience for me. Beginning with learning how to use a Mac computer to how to do a professional resume. It was because of EBMS that I had the opportunity to meet the head of development and current programming at mun2; they were hiring for the summer and he emailed me giving me the position. It was a great experience and it was hard to just work for the summer. I have always said that with this master’s program I would like to be an executive in a network and just being able to put a step in and taste it was an amazing experience. If they have had the budget I would have kept my job, since this was not the case, the great experience ended. Also when I go to acting auditions and they ask me tell me about you I always answer, “I’m doing my master” that is a great subject to talk about. I have grown with this program in many ways and the reason is that we got to taste the real life, and made me realize exactly where I would like to focus, what I prefer to do for the rest of my life that is if acting is not my future.