Thursday, September 24, 2009

Searching for more… Full Sail University

Coming from an artistic family it has been my dream to move to Los Angeles and pursue acting. I started following my passion by singing since a really early age in my life. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico; I make this note because that has everything to do with me pursing a career in music first. When I realized that acting could be a serious career I packed my bags and this is where I am now.
Since I graduated college I wanted to do my masters, I just needed to find the right moment and place to get my degree from. Currently I am doing my Entertainment Business Masters at Full Sail University. It was a really hard task to find a University that would give what I needed, when I needed, where I needed, Full Sail gave me exactly that. The experience has been amazing. Since I started the program I understood that this was a challenge and I feel really good about it… it is with great pleasure that today I can say that in October 2nd I will be graduating and accomplishing a personal goal.
I just can’t express the joy that fulfills me today, the satisfaction I feel. Now I need to start my search again. Find what am I going to do now. What is the next project, the next mission… I will be writing blogs more often and letting people know how I feel, what is new and what is happening in every aspect. School is over Sunday and I already volunteered for a charity event Saturday 3rd and I am organizing a small shoot with a friend. Monday we will start writing a script, the goal is to shoot a short film that we can also use as a pilot. Let see how that new project goes. It just sounds exciting! The most important goal after graduation is to finish one really important project…soon I’ll say the name and the details ;)
I love every step I take, it doesn’t matter if I fall I know that I am strong enough to get up and keep going. I am not afraid whatever my future is; that is what I am destined to do.

Hear me sing :

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