Friday, September 25, 2009

How many goals can you set in a year? Work done during Full Sail Experience

When I started the masters I also wanted to do everything. During this past year I worked as a promo manager for Leaddog Marketing. That meant hiring the team that was going to work the promotion for the week ends that they were needed; the schedule for each one of them and their duties, giving them the so needed breaks meanwhile keeping the event running smoothly. You guys know who you are and did an amazing job! Thank you.
When this promo ended I went to Puerto Rico and worked with Enid Collazo the Inmediata clients cocktail. There I was in charge of the decoration and entertainment for the event. I needed to subcontract the people that worked with us, rent the needed equipment and hire the performers.
When the winter season was over I came back to Los Angeles and started working promotions with Market Development. My job with them is also as a manager. What I need to do is hire people and assign them what promo they will be working and where. Till this date I still have this job and is really fun also. During Summer I was hired as a part-time at mun2 and I know you guys already read all the details about it.
I think that I have accomplished successfully this past year goals. I just don’t know when it is too much or if it is even possible to have too many goals. I have worked more during this past year but these ones I feel really proud of. This week I have been scheduling new challenges…new goals. The past has been great and really rewarding. I am just really excited for my future.

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