Thursday, September 24, 2009

The end of a reign, the beginning of the new emperor.

How many times have we started going out with a guy and we see all of our future? It doesn’t matter how cool or unattached we are there is always ‘One’ guy. You just sit across the table and say… “he is everything I am looking for”. Or maybe he is the exact opposite of what you are used to date. If you feel like THAT, it doesn’t matter, you are already fantasizing about the future, probably a future that will never exist.
Lets just hold this future for a bit and focus on this ‘One’ guy…the ‘One’ guy that breaks our heart, ‘One’ guy that teach us about life, ‘One’ guy that we learn everything from…ahhh!!!…There is always a Mr. Big (Sex and the City). We fall so hard for this guy that we are willing to do ANYTHING for him. That person makes us alive when we’re with him…makes us feel happy. Many times they don’t even break your heart, he is the perfect partner, you are the perfect couple.
But something always goes wrong. Inevitably our heart is broken, we think that we are not going to be able to deal with such a pain. “Why me???” And that is how this reign ends, with pain and suffering. You still maintain communication because you think that deep, deep inside he is the right guy for you. Because he is going to see what you are really worth and things will change between you too.
Then you meet a guy, randomly of course. Blind dates are so awkward and strange and being set up barely ever works. Going back to the new emperor…you start feeling excited for a date and you just start feeling… not for the ‘One’ guy but instead for ‘The’ guy. The one that really makes you happy and makes you understand how valuable you really are. That there was no reason to cry or think that the end of the reign was the end of the world; it was just the beginning of a new emperor.

In the picture with my eternal love…My dad….

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