Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fernando Mendoza..a humble winner. PAD

Mr. Fernando Mendoza has been in the marketing business since a really young age when his father got him a small part time opportunity in an advertising agency in Puerto Rico. As a young rebel Fernando wanted to be a sports teacher and his dad knew that he was destined for better things in life, which is why his dad got him the part time job in an advertising agency.
Mr. Mendoza got the opportunity to know better advertising and marketing at a really young age. This led to his study of Business Administration at the University of Puerto Rico where he studied marketing with the mayor and eventually did post graduate studies in Marketing Management at Columbia University. Fernando Mendoza went through stages in order to become who he is today. He started, as an Account service trainee, progressed to Account Management Supervisor, became a partner and finally President.
Fernando was also a member for many years of the Puerto Rico advertising Association and in 1992 he became the President of the organization. In 1993 he got the opportunity to be part of the jury for FIAP (International Federation of Ibero-America Advertising Agencies), which after Cannes is the biggest competition of creativity in the world. The event was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1990, while attending the world basketball tournament in Buenos Aires, Fernando Mendoza witnessed the first courtside-rotating billboard. Mr. Mendoza recognized the marketing value of this concept and went out of his way to find all the information necessary to import this system to the Puerto Rican market. He found the billboards intriguing and interesting and researched all the contacts in order to get the courtside rotating billboards to work in PR Where he eventually got a contract.
The initiation of the rotating billboard to Puerto Rico began in 1991 when he created Dorna Sports Promotions Inc. (PR) in partnership with Dorna Sports headquartered in Madrid, Spain. This union revolutionized sports in Puerto Rico and in less than a year, Fernando built the company he wanted.
Dorna Sports Promotions Inc. main focus is courtside-rotating billboards, a new televised billboard media. Dorna PR entered a contractual agreement with the PR basketball federation and PR volleyball federation and acquired TV rights to present the Courtside Rotating Billboards in all nationally televised games broadcasted by these federations.
In this moment in his life, he was able to unite his two passions, sports and advertising. He had the vision and seized an opportunity to make it work in PR by utilizing a new marketing medium, which easily communicates products to the consumer. In 1999 Fernando Mendoza bought out Dorna Sports PR and became a sole proprietorship under the new name Adtime Sports. Having total control of the company, he worked harder to achieve his goals and in 2008 the company upgraded their equipment to a newly developed digital set up.
The courtside rotating billboards is an effective medium because it maximizes viewer exposure to a brand while their attention is focused on the TV screen, which happens to coincide with a broadcasted game. This without a doubt captures the target attention because nothing compares to the courtside rotating billboards and they are the only authorized courtside-rotating billboards used in Puerto Rico. There is a significant difference between magazine and newspaper advertisements which target the reader, compared to one courtside rotating billboard which captures two targets at one time, the television audience and the live audience. One of the most important assets of his product is that since it is digitalized, the advertiser can change their message instantly, refocusing their product within about 10 minutes. Since they did the digital upgrade they are ahead of other options, avant-garde. Adtime Sports also give their clients a performance guarantee through a confirmation recorded DVD that their product will be featured with guaranteed exposure.
Some clients have been with the company for more than 10 years including; Burger King, Gatorade, Coca-Cola and Chrysler just to name a few. Dorna Puerto Rico, now Adtime Sports has been successful because Mr. Mendoza had the vision and the courage to pursue a new goal in his successful life. It was because of his credentials that Dorna Sports gave Mr. Mendoza the opportunity to develop the product in Puerto Rico and this was how he managed to get all the contacts necessary to ensure the success of Adtime Sports. With out a doubt the best choice for products.

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