Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mun2…Taking the good forgetting the bad

Throughout the master’s program I had the opportunity to meet amazing people that influenced me in many ways. Mun2 head of development and current programming was one of them. Moises Velez not only took the time for my interview, he also gave me the opportunity to work with him. For this Summer I was the coordinator of development and current programming of mun2. I was the happiest person on earth! I understood that this was exactly where I needed to be and the reason why I was doing my Master degree.

I loved working at a young TV network, perfect work experience to complement my degree. I felt so productive, considered; I just knew that I belonged there. I took the good, I tried to forget the bad, but the bad was that I was working part time just for the summer. My ideal job is no longer mine. I still miss the work and the great people that I met there.

Moises taught me so much in that few weeks, I just wish it had been longer. We were a great team! In four weeks I tracked development pitches generated internally and by third party companies. Implemented systems pitches for the tracking of possible international acquisitions. Reviewed potential acquisitions –films & long form series– for network consideration and created priority calendars to be used for program scheduling & specials in 2010.

This was the best experience I could have to give a back up to my resume now that I have my master’s degree. I am hoping that whatever new experience I get from this point on is as gratifying as my mun2 experience.

Here some of te work I have done for mun2:

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  1. You should have blown him and Flavio in Velez's Range rover. That and proving you were a master of Excel would have gotten you a job. That and learning how to write in English.