Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guerrila Marketing...My first time with Attack!

Yesterday and today I got the opportunity to manage another promotional team. I liked working this promotion since it was challenging because of the neighboorhood. The location we got sent yesterday was just horrible and the other team got kicked out of the other location. So I needed to find new locations for the teams to distribute the flyers. 

     Today we went and worked at a different location, it was an outdoor event. We got kicked out. We worked the event on the surroundings but we couldn't be at the heart of it. We just relocated on another outdoor venue. Doing guerrilla promotions are really hard to work just because you never know when you will be kicked out or to what magnitude the problem could be.

At the end of the day the promotion was done successfully and we are sure that people will go and visit the product we were promoting these past two days ;)


  1. I like this "guerrilla" thing! You go girl!

  2. Love you!!!! I didn't like it...We did a good job but not all!!!