Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sports and the community

I am a huge sports fan. Those of you that really know me, knows that I LOVE BASEBALL!!!! Baseball is my favorite sport because is the sport that I grew up with. 
        In PR we had players like Roberto Clemente that have influenced the Latino baseball players and the community in general. We also have players like Roberto Alomar, Juan ‘Igor’ Gonzalez, Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez, the Molina brothers and many more. There are some puertorrican baseball players that have been known for their help with the community like Jorge Posada that has helped many kids with the same sickness as Jorgito, his son. Another player that loves to help the community is Carlos Delgado, he has help Puerto Rico in many ways just that he doesn’t advertise it. Javier Vazquez is one more example of players that just want to give back to the community.
        I love the sport but I have more what the players have done to help the community. All of these players have helped the community in various ways and no one knows except for the people that have been helped. We need to thank Roberto Clemente for setting such a beautiful example in giving back to the community. I hope that these leaders keep demonstrating how important it is to help the less fortunate. With examples like this we will have a better island and a more loving and giving community.  

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